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Teachers and Parents: The new Alpha Animals™ Activity Books Levels B - D as well as the new expanded edition of Level E: Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book One (over 200 pages), are available for the new school year. Children develop the foundational skills for literacy very quickly with the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program! Parents can order online today. To receive a quote for classrooms and school districts, call: (800) 873-0396.


Training and Certification


Magic Penny Early Literacy Institute.

Why do some children easily acquire literacy skills while others have a very difficult struggle?  Our training and development seminars provide  detailed instruction on the use of our phonemically-based differentiated program and how it integrates into your core literacy program.  Our unique certification program provides an efficient way for administrators to ensure that all faculty are proficient in the latest scientifically-based methods of  literacy instruction.


Training/Support Options:

On-site (Full-Day) Staff Development        $2500 + travel and lodging
On-site (1/2-Day) Staff Development        $1500 + travel and lodging
Online Training Videos               Free with purchase of 1 Lab
Support Visitations (Full-Day)                   $1500 + travel and lodging
Support Visitations (1/2-Day)                   $1000 + travel and lodging
Data Analysis/Slideshow Presentation of Results   $500** (with Magic Penny spreadsheets only)
With Staff Development Training:
Early Literacy Training Materials Packet (per teacher)        $65
(You must purchase this for each member of the faculty being trained, as it will be their manual for teaching the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program.)
**Includes:  Magic Penny Reading Manual with duplicatable parent materials, Level A...Phonemic Awareness Kit, Magic Penny Early Literacy Assessment Booklet (duplicatable), Level E Skill book, Level F Skill book, and Secrets of the Symbols Skill book for teacher reference, Set of 54 Sound/Symbol Cards, Magic Penny Sound Poster, Vowel Chart


Magic Penny Early Literacy offers comprehensive training to all schools and Learning Centers that purchase the Magic Penny Program.

On-site Staff Development
Online Training Videos
Support Visitations
Data Analysis/Slideshow Presentation of Results
Please Contact us for more Information on  teacher training.


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