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Materials Developed by Teachers for use with the Magic Penny Program

If you have materials that you have developed to aid in the use of the Magic Penny Program, we would be glad to post your wonderful ideas so other teachers can use them to help their students.

A Wonderful Song to Help with Magic Penny!

Sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques"

Magic pennies Magic pennies
Come and play Come and play
Listen to the sounds Make new words
Magic pennies Magic pennies

(We use this song as a transition into our groups.) Hope you enjoy it!

- Angela VanEgmond/Susan Gentile

Decoding Practice Cards

Click each link to Download the PDF of each card series

/a/ /oh/ /uh/
/ah/ /oy/ /wh/
/aw/ /or/ /x/
/ay/ /ouh/ switcheroo
/ch/ /ow/ Twins
/eh/ /qu/  
/er/ /sh/  
/ew/ /shin/  
/I/ /th/  
/ih/ /U/  

Compliments of: Dawn Bradley, Kalfas Magnet School, Niagara Falls, NY

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