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Teachers and Parents: The new Alpha Animals™ Activity Books Levels B - D as well as the new expanded edition of Level E: Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book One (over 200 pages), are available for the new school year. Children develop the foundational skills for literacy very quickly with the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program! Parents can order online today. To receive a quote for classrooms and school districts, call: (800) 873-0396.


Pronunciation Guide

Magic Penny Sound Pronunciation Guide

Early Literacy Activity Put and Take Game Number 3 Mystery Word - When you play this game with your child you should say the sounds at a rate of one sound per second. A child's brain needs to develop the ability to remember and blend separate sounds into words. Click on the gumballs to hear the words.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you begin the Pam and Sam: Level B Sounds, you teach a child to say the "short" vowel sounds. This helps them to more quickly understand the process of reading. The children also will be taught the other sounds that the vowels stand for and to quickly do a "switcheroo" (change the short vowel sound to the long sound) in Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book One. A child will be taught to do this if:
The sounds do not make a recognizable word with the short vowel, or,
The word decoded with a short vowel does not make sense in the sentence.
For this reason, we use the short vowels when the children are learning their sounds in the Pam and Sam, Bug In A Bag, and Bob's Bug's Levels. Be careful not to put a vowel sound onto a consonant when you are teaching a child the sounds.
For Example:
Do say p/ o/ t | Do not say puh/ o/ tuh
Do say d/ a/ d | Do not say duh/ a/ duh
Pronunciations for Pam and Sam Sounds - Click on a gumball to hear the sound.
Pronunciations for Bug in a Bag Sounds - Click on a gumball to hear the sound.
Pronunciations for Bob's Bugs Sounds - Click on a gumball to hear the sound.
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