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Teachers and Parents: The new Alpha Animals™ Activity Books Levels B - D as well as the new expanded edition of Level E: Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book One (over 200 pages), are available for the new school year. Children develop the foundational skills for literacy very quickly with the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program! Parents can order online today. To receive a quote for classrooms and school districts, call: (800) 873-0396.


School Materials

FUN d'mentals Manipulative Kit

This kit provides a great way for children to begin to develop the foundation for phonemic awareness and beginning critical thinking skills. Children extend their vocabulary and discriminate beginning sounds as they learn the names of all the the animals, their habitats, how the animal is classified, and the outer covering of an animal's body. They sort animals by color, shape, size, pattern, habitat, classification, body covering and number of legs. Children have practice counting all of their animals and complete patterns by predicting which animal should come next in a sequence.


FUN d'mentals Sound Sorting Kit

Use our FUN d’mentals Sound Sorting Kit to learn, practice, and reinforce beginning sounds and rhyming words, strengthen auditory and visual memory, and understand the concept of same/different as they develop and use oral language.  This kit provides the next step after completing the Sound Fun d'mentals Manipulative Kit with your students.  The animals are larger and also includes two sets of our Early Start Cards and game directions. Children love animals and this kit will give you plenty of animals and game ideas to teach and reinforce important phonemic concepts. Children can also learn different habitats for the creatures in our kit as you provide mini biology lessons, and sort animals by their color, habitat, classification, type of body covering or number of legs. Children can be guided to develop vocabulary and language as they learn the names of the animals and construct sentences about them.

Magic Penny Early Literacy Labs

Magic Penny Early Literacy Labs are available for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2, Resource Specialists, and Multi-Classroom use. Please visit our Online Store for product description and pricing.

Pre-K Concept Books

Our exclusive Pre-K Concept series flip books further develop the critical early foundational skills - the concepts that build the foundation for literacy success. This set contains four developmental flip books. These high quality and durable spiral bound flip books are a perfect introduction to early literacy and are recommended for all preschool and kindergarten classrooms. This set contains Concept Book titles: Fish (same/different, colors, beginning/middle/end, above/below, patterns), Beginning Sounds, Rhyming, Sound Order (learn to separate a word into its phonemes), a reproducible fish template, two reproducible skill development booklets - Beginning Sounds and Rhyming, and 10 reversible Fish Score Cards/Sound Order Mats.
set of 4 Flipbooks

Level A  - Early Literacy Kit

The Level A skill book consists of phonemic awareness games designed for parents to use to enable a child to hear all of the differences in the sounds of their spoken language and to understand how these basic sounds (phonemes) work together to make up words. This kit has all of the same phonemic awareness games, score cards and picture cards that the teacher is using in the classroom with the Magic Penny Early Literacy Lab. It is designed to empower parents to reinforce critical early literacy skills at home for 10-15 minutes a day and comes complete with an instructional DVD and Phonemic Awareness Booklet, Fish Score Card/Sound Order Card, and picture cards. Parents can become an integral part of their child’s literacy success.

ImageEmpowering: Level E - Magic Penny Secrets Book One

The Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book One has 64 pages which empower children by introducing all the vowel sounds and their spelling combinations in order to develop automatic decoding (the foundation of reading comprehension). These skill books also provide many opportunities for strengthening writing and critical thinking skills. The companion Gumball Books further reinforce these skills. Magic Penny Skill books are consumable and schools must purchase one per student. These materials guide children to become wonderful, fluent readers and writers! You will be AMAZED!


Set of 10 different Gumball Books for Teachers

Each of the ten different gumball books are 17 page stories that are designed so as not to overwhelm beginning readers. But, don't let their size fool you! They are BIG on reinforcing vowel sounds and spelling combinations that were introduced on the corresponding pages in Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book One. They also extend skill transfer into writing by providing Writing Log opportunities at the end of every story. The Writing Log questions are leveled in difficulty and guide children to think critically. Each little Gumball Book also has an extra page of decoding practice for the child. They are colorful and fun to read. Children love them!


The Adventures of Peanutbutter and Jelly

The Adventures of Peanutbutter and Jelly is the first magical Easy Reader™ chapter book in The Adventures of Peanutbutter and Jelly series.


Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book Two

Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book Two is the companion skill book to The Adventures of Peanutbutter and Jelly. It further develops decoding, reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, critical thinking and test taking skills in a colorful and enjoyable format. This literacy skill book is designed to follow Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book One and to be completed with adult guidance.


Secrets of the Symbols

A colorful thematic advanced phonics skill book that is perfect as a follow up to the Intermediate Level Materials or used as a remedial skill book for grades 4 through 12.







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