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Teachers and Parents: The new Alpha Animals™ Activity Books Levels B - D as well as the new expanded edition of Level E: Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book One (over 200 pages), are available for the new school year. Children develop the foundational skills for literacy very quickly with the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program! Parents can order online today. To receive a quote for classrooms and school districts, call: (800) 873-0396.


Magic Penny for Schools

Introduction to the Magic Penny Program


Magic Penny is a leading global provider of educational literacy products and training solutions. We develop comprehensive instructional programs focused on early literacy development in Pre-Kindergarten.



Core Components of the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program


Staff Development

Why do some children easily acquire literacy skills while others have a very difficult struggle? Our training and development seminars provide detailed instruction on the use of our phonemically-based differentiated program and how it integrates into your core literacy program. Our unique certification program provides an efficient way for administrators to ensure that all faculty are proficient in the latest scientifically-based methods of literacy instruction.


Strategic Planning

Working with administrators and faculty,we develop achievable goals and time lines to facilitate the meeting of local and state assessment standards. In addition we provide community and Board presentations, creating a dialog on the importance of literacy instruction and illustrating your commitment to success.

Implementation- High Quality Educational Products

The Magic Penny Early Literacy  is focused on providing  highly effective literacy materials to students across the globe. A part of this commitment is to source and provide only high quality reading and support materials to our our classroom partners. When you purchase a component or complete system from Magic Penny, you can rest assured that you are getting only the highest quality and durable materials.


Daily progress monitoring drives instruction. Our standards based Phonological Assessment and the advanced Graphonologic Assessment enable educators to quickly diagnose a child’s strengths and prescribe differentiated instruction to strengthen areas in need of reinforcement. Assessment data is then analyzed by our professional staff to help develop and tailor your future curriculum planning




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