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Teachers and Parents: The new Alpha Animals™ Activity Books Levels B - D as well as the new expanded edition of Level E: Magic Penny Reading Secrets Book One (over 200 pages), are available for the new school year. Children develop the foundational skills for literacy very quickly with the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program! Parents can order online today. To receive a quote for classrooms and school districts, call: (800) 873-0396.





Why do some children easily acquire literacy skills while others have a very difficult struggle? Have you found yourself frustrated trying to help these at-risk students – or help your teachers to help these at-risk students? Magic Penny works to provide the best support for both students and teachers with a research-based, data-driven, mastery-based early literacy program. 

In our  workshops and training seminars  participants will review the latest research findings, and learn the full scope of an effective phonologic awareness program.

We  empower teachers and administrators  to guide children through a series of research-based, organized, explicit, sequential, systematic, efficient and effective games and activities that enable ALL children to become successful readers, writers, and critical thinkers in the fewest number of steps. 

These strategies are applicable to students across all grade levels, both general education and special education, and can be adapted to any existing programs currently in place in your district. 



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