Implementation Strategies

Strategic Planning

Working with administrators and faculty, we develop achievable goals, and time lines to facilitate the meeting of local and state assessment standards. In addition we provide community and Board of Education presentations, creating a dialog on the importance of literacy instruction and illustrating your commitment to success.


The first steps in implementing the Magic Penny Program in your district begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your specific needs by our expert literacy staff. With over 20 years experience in implementing early literacy programs, this in depth evaluation will recommend which components of the Magic Penny Program will fit your district's needs and provide you with the most effective implementation strategy. This first step will involve both district and building level administrators and is designed not only to evaluate your district's needs, but to ensure your executive staff has an active role in the process of implementing this new and exciting program.

Teacher Training/Staff Development

Staff development is an integral part of the success of the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program. With program implementations in classrooms across the United States and abroad, teachers are quickly trained to become experts in differentiated literacy instruction with our unique hands on training and materials. By engaging teachers and utilizing their extensive classroom experience as an asset, our literacy experts will quickly and cost effectively prepare your staff to immediately use the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program with fidelity in their classrooms

Parent/Community Awareness

Our unique Parent/Teacher Partnership Workshops and materials are designed to enable schools to motivate and empower parents to reinforce critical early literacy skills at home through the use of enjoyable and developmentally appropriate games and activities. This will improve the relationship between parents, teachers, the administration, and the school board because everyone will feel that they, working together, made a BIG difference in the little lives entrusted into their care. Literacy skills will drastically improve and everyone will benefit from this early literacy partnership initiative.

Ongoing Instruction

Using the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program with fidelity is easy because we provide teachers 24/7 access to our Implementation Training Videos. Teachers benefit from a full- day staff development AND have access to our unique implementation videos. These videos are short quick views of other educators working with children at each sequential step of the Magic Penny Early Literacy Program. Teachers can feel comfortable and confident that they will be using the program correctly before they begin each organized and sequential step with their students. Planning is fast and easy because all of the manipulative materials, games, books, duplicatable student classroom and home activities they will need are included on their Early Literacy Lab.

Assessment and Analysis

We have made it simple to use data to drive instruction because Magic Penny Early Literacy is a developmentally-appropriate, data-driven, systematic and sequential program. Magic Penny provides teachers with a simple assessment tool and recommends that students be formally assessed in September, January, and June. The formal monitoring allows teachers to diagnose a child’s strengths and prescribe differentiated instruction in small groups with children needing similar skill development. The Magic Penny Program also provides a simple system for daily progress monitoring. This simple daily monitoring system enables a teacher to determine very quickly whether or not a child is progressing at the rate they should. This empowers teachers to make adjustments to the child’s program very quickly and maximize each child's skill development. This ensures that no child will be left behind.